I am Nicole & I am happy with the life I'm living (: I am married to the love of my life, 08.06.11<3 I am a UCF Graduate with a BS in Elem Ed and Customer Service Staff at Publix. & My hero is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



I want to do this color scheme in our bedroom. Light teal walls, gray curtains and bedding and dark teal accents. The bedroom set I want it dark brown and the carpet will be tan/beige. Now if only I could find the perfect bedding set :/

She talks when you touch her hahaha #blackie #cat #meow

Interview tomorrow at 11.

Get to wear my cute new dress :)

Our day

I was scheduled off tues and wed, so josh took off those days too so we could spend time together. Which I know sounds weird cause we live together and are with each other if were not at work, but sometimes its nice to have extra time together even if it is spent getting things done around the house.

We had our lawn mower delivered today so we intended to spend the day out doing yard work. But they forgot to give is the key to the mower so we had to go to lowes to get one. We also decided to get our paint color matched so we can paint since the inspector came today to give the final inspection for the dry wall repairs. The girl at lowes couldnt match the color so we went to Sherwin williams since thats where the paint was from, which is what I wanted to do from the beginning but josh wanted to just get it done at lowes since we were going there already.

We got home, had lunch and then did yard work…mowed, trimmed bushes, weed eated, edged and pulled some weeds and sprayed weed kill on others. Took us hours. And twice while we were working our butts off a lawn maintenance crew pulled up to neighbors houses and did all the same work in like half an hour. At the time I was like why the heck did we buy a mower when we could have just hired people. But afterwards when we had cleaned up and were cuddly on the couch, it felt good to know our yard looks nice because we made it look nice ourselves.

Tomorrow we have to drop my car off for an oil change, get him a hair cut and take me to my annual exam. Then we plan on painting as much as we can get painted. Which will hopefully be everything lol. Slowly but surely we are getting our house back to where it was before the epic flood storm.

It&#8217;s not a Deere, but it&#8217;s better than push mowing ;) now we just gotta get rid of the dead spots :( #ridingmower #troybuilt #grass #yard #lawnwork

It’s not a Deere, but it’s better than push mowing ;) now we just gotta get rid of the dead spots :( #ridingmower #troybuilt #grass #yard #lawnwork